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My name is Lisa Williams, I am the owner of Native Beauty & Wellness. I am a mum of 2 young boys. My background is over 14 years Beauty Therapy Industry experience. I have worked in Spas, Hair salons, Brow Boutiques and more. I have specialised training in Brow Sculpting, Lash Enhancments and various Skin Specialty Training. I also have a Certificate in Hot Stone Massage, and Crystal Healing/Metaphysics, Henna Brow Sculpting, Lash Lifting and Lash Extensions.

Since having children I have started to take notice of what I am using on my skin and in our life in general. I believe in creating and teaching "Skin, Body & Wellness Rituals", using only Natural, Australian, Organic Skin, Body and Holistic Care wherever you can.

Hence, I have researched and tested many Natural Skincare and Makeup brands. I have hand-picked my absolute favourites that are genuinely AUSSIE-NATURAL or above 80% ORGANIC to have in my Wellness Salon. All of this Skincare may be Naturally Derived & often 100% Plant Based, But Each and every product is still highly effective. Although this is a home based salon, you will notice the private side entrance, a full reception area, air-conditioning, all in a freshly renovated space.

No pop-up tents here ladies (and men)- A purpose built Spray tanning room equipped with extraction fan, lights and cooling. 

My Facials are designed holistically, and often I may include healing crystals like Rose Quartz, Jade Rollers or Chilled Basalt Stones & Gems to repair, calm, lift or get the blood flowing.

I cleanse the salon space with a native Australian Smudge Stick, or Palo Santo or One of 'Cedar + Stones' Space Mists. Personally I love This holistic approach.

I have been able to keep prices affordable because it is a home salon, although quality is not compromised. 

I do love all the Australian Natural and alternative Beauty tools and methods, you will still find modern treatments like Lash Lifting, Vegan Lash Kits and Applications, On-Trend Cosmetics, Spray Tanning and Microdermabrasion.

So my vision for this Beauty Boutique is the perfect combination of Luxe, Boho and Natural Skin, body and makeup paired with up-to-date treatments.

Bookings and visits are by appointment only.

Phone/ Text 0422050036 or Email- info@nativebeautyandwellness.com.au OR use the BOOK NOW Button on the HOME PAGE.

We do have card facilities for your convenience, (As long as your card has a Chip)

Take a look at our brands websites and you too will see why we love them all!





 cant wait to treat you at Native Beauty & Wellness soon. 

        Lisa Williams