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Cedar and Stone is a 100% Plant Based Skincare company with a firm ethos on minimising harsh chemicals onto ourselves and into our environment.  Reduce, reuse and recycle. Their hope is for people to see 'natural' and 'organic' as normal, not as an alternative.Inspired by Earths Garden. Crystals, herbs, flowers, minerals, plants and a whole lot of love reside in their products to bring you a high vibrational range. 

Cedar + Stone is our core range and used in our holistically based facials.

An Australian company with an entire range of natural and gentle products that are made with effective ingredients and no gimmicks. They might not have words like "Earth", "Nature" or "Enviro" in their name, but they are one of the most environmentally friendly skin care companies around. Any consumption has an impact. But at every step they choose options that minimize any impact. As well as choosing natural oils from only sustainable farms. MooGoo provides my studio with amazing lucsious face creams and also are the makers of the beloved "Dusty Girls" mineral makeup in salon.

A Vegan/ Toxin- Free Skin & Body Care Brand with ingredients you can actually pronounce! Lovingly hand- made right here in Australia, Stephanie and partner have created the most amazing Powder masks and essential oil based skincare... Rustics' Masks play a pivotal role in my facials and her essential oil inhalers are so amazing !

Vgean, Austrlian, Toxin Free