"Get Grounded": Connect to mother earth, feel balanced and grounded. Mediterraneum sage, lavender, rosemary, corn husk, linden, lemon verbena, ironwort, eucalyptus, oregano, cypress pine. chammomile gevillea, jacaranda needles, madarin zest.

A gloriousl large Herbal Smudge Wand from " With Good Intentions" an Australian wellness brand that hand grows & creates these beautiful smudge bundles. Wach with its own unique intentions for dynamic magic rituals.

*Due to the natural nature of herbs used, your bundle may differ slightly to the picture.

Safety: Do not use while pregnant.

Do not use if you suffer asthma.

Burn your smudge with cotton attached.

Gently Blow out flame.

Open windows and doors.

Never leave anattended.

Extinguish the smoking smudge in sand, salt or simply apply some pressure onto a cermic/fire proof dish.

Botanical Herbal Smudge Bundle